Official Gumball 3000 Update #5: I'm on a Plane, I Can't Complain

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The Weltpolizei managed to get the fish out from all up in their grill and popped over to Belgrade Aerodrome from the twin cities of Buda and Pest. And now the 144 Bentley's all up in a cargo plane and headed for the land of larb, pad phed tofu and underage sex-for-pay. The latest report after the jump. And Alex, when you get back, could you send us one of those hot yellow Team Polizei jackets? We kind of need one. After all, being reflective and authoritarian is our bidness.

Team Polizei have successfully made it to the Belgrade Airport. They were about 6th or 7th to arrive at the airport from City Hall even after being delayed from Budapest due to the vandalization of the Bentley GT. Alex expressed just how fun the drive has been in the country - The police were asking them to drive faster! They received several escorts from Budapest to Belgrade, one time by a Russian security detail from the Russian Embassy. The team was running with police lights and sirens the entire drive; the real police were loving every second of it!


Alex wants to announce that if this was a real race with a point system, Team Polizei has already dominated and won. There is no way any other team can beat Polizei's record of coming first at so many checkpoints.

Currently, Team Polizei with the rest of the teams that made it to Belgrade Airport, are on a 15 hour flight to Thailand.

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