Official: Chris Evans Is The New Host Of Top Gear

After swearing up and down that he would never, ever take Jeremy Clarkon’s place on Top Gear, the BBC officially announced today that Ferrari-loving TV presenter Chris Evans will take Jeremy Clarkson’s place on Top Gear.

The BBC says Evans has signed a three-year deal to lead the show, which he called his “favourite programme of all time.” (They spell things funny in England.)

“I promise I will do everything I possibly can to respect what has gone on before and take the show forward,” he added.


Evans, who is a different Chris Evans than the guy who is Captain America, is a 49-year-old British broadcasting veteran and known car enthusiast. He’s especially big on old, obscenely expensive stuff from Maranello, and last year shelled out more than £2 million on a 1971 Ferrari Daytona Spyder. He also owns a 1963 Ferrari GTO, among others.

Evans was initially said to be on the short list to replace Clarkson after the latter’s contract wasn’t renewed following a now-infamous fracas over some cold cuts in which he attacked a producer from the show. But Evans vehemently denied he would take over, at least at first; that changed as the months went on.

However, this would’t be the first time that Evans has gone back on his word. After initially insisting he would “never” say yes to the Top Gear job following close pal Jeremy Clarkson’s sensational sacking form the BBC, the star took a drastic 180 and admitted: “I did say never, but I have downgraded that to never say never.”

No word yet on who will join Evans for the show.

Meanwhile, Clarkson, Hammond and May are rumored to be signing a deal for a new show on Netflix soon. If that happens, may the best British car show win.


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