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Wert's been called back up to reprise his role as a member of the punditocracy, and guess what โ€” you're invited to play along with him. That's right, it's time for some new rules in the only official car pundit drinking game in the entire world. So belly on up to the comment section below or e-mail us at tips @ jalopnik . com. However you do it, make sure to play so you too can watch and win. We've heard the subject of tonight's show (as per usual, it's On The Money on CNBC โ€” 7:30 EST is the "hit time") is the UAW negotiation set to begin this year โ€” so let's hear some new rules! If you're at all confused, feel free to peruse the older posts to get your bearings โ€” we usually need to by the end of the night anyway. Oh and by the way โ€” Dylan's left the show, so Wert'll get the smoking hot Melissa Francis. We'll drink to that!

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