Officer Clocks Police Chief Driving 107 MPH, Laughs It Off Without Giving Him A Ticket

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According to CBS affiliate THV11, Arkansas police recently clocked the Brinkley Police Department chief driving 107 mph in his personal truck. An officer asked a state trooper to help pull the truck over, only to walk up and recognize the boss. They laughed it off, and THV11 reports that they didn’t give him a ticket.

The trooper and officer pulled over police chief Edward Randle on Friday, Oct. 21, according to THV11. The station later obtained dash-cam video of the stop, publishing the story in November. As can be seen in the video below, the officer and trooper walk up to the window and laugh upon recognizing Randle.


Here’s a quick summary of what happened, from THV11:

The Brinkley police officer then entered the video to approach Randle’s truck. The trooper says the officer had been following Randle for miles and called the ASP for help. As the officer walked up, Randle can be heard giving him a hard time.

“I know you didn’t call the State Police!” he says.

“I didn’t have your plate, so it didn’t go over,” the officer responds, which could indicate that, since the officer did not announce the truck’s license plate number into his radio, nobody else would know the chief had been pulled over.

After the trooper made a quick joke about getting a call because the truck was going so fast, the officer can be heard saying, “I had you locked in at 107.” Randle responded, “It won’t do 107. It’ll only do 95.”


THV11 reports that Randle told the station his truck has an engine governor that prevents it from exceeding 95 mph, but the officer said Randle continued to pull away from him when he got up to 90 mph. As can be seen from the footage, the stop occurred in a 45-mph zone. When jokingly asked where he was going at that speed, Randle said he was on his way to referee a football game.

Randle said in a later interview that he never got close to 95 mph, according to THV11. The station reports that Randle also said his pass on a ticket shouldn’t be a public issue since he’s “worked in law enforcement for nearly three decades, and that he knows better than to endanger the lives of other drivers, or his own, by driving recklessly.”

A newer report from THV11 said Randle later admitted to speeding, but not at 107 mph. Brinkley mayor Billy Hankins said he would launch an investigation and wait until after it is completed to take further action.

According to THV11, a spokesperson for Arkansas State Police said the trooper is not under investigation for incident. The stop, the spokesperson said, became a case of the Brinkley Police Department when the Brinkley officer arrived on the scene.


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