Icelandic car culture isn't just about Formula Offroad trucks, but they're pretty damn important to Icelandian car nuts. But fish-pickling and banking collapses aside, Iceland's car culture has a lot more going for it than the uninitiated might think.


Alex Roy, in his show Live and Let Drive, visited Iceland, rented a diesel Landie, and headed due east of Reykjavik towards Geysir, where he got insights into horse intelligence, the alleged Icelandic subway system, and a host of the most ridiculous modified off-road trucks we've ever seen.

Those trucks, which traverse the country's moonlike landscapes with V8 aplomb, may be the most recognizable icons of Icelandic car culture — next to Bjork's Hummer.

Roy also finds some Icelandic Nissan Skyline tuners, and some very smart horses.

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