Off-Road Porsche Hoonage Is That Much More Epic With A Rick Ross Soundtrack

GIF via Lehman Keen

I don’t think anything quite epitomizes the perfect attitude behind driving an off-road Safari 911 quite as much as setting clips of Porsche hoonage to Rick Ross’s “In My 911.” You have a lifted Porsche made to get dirty. The world exists for you to hoon on it. Go forth and hoon, my friend.


Most of this is footage we’ve seen before of Leh Keen out for a rip in his hoontacular red 911, but there’s a new clip in there we haven’t shared yet that’s worth a look in its own right: the Safari 911 at Virginia International Raceway.

What track limits? When you’ve got a Porsche built for the apocalypse, the curbs and grass are mere suggestions.

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