Of Course This Tiny Volkswagen Up! Needed A Turbo 1.8-Liter Audi Engine Stuffed Inside

The humble Up! is VW’s little city car. So of course you need to stuff the largest engine you can into its front, which as JP Performance did, would be a 1.8-liter turbocharged Audi TT engine. We need it.

[Turn on the auto-generated English subtitles using the gear button to the bottom. It correctly identifies the loud, burbly exhaust note of the super-boosted 1.8T as “Music,” too.]


While this is a pretty common engine, it’s by no means a common upgrade for the little car. They had to modify the front end of the Up! a bit to make it all fit, and get air to the right places through the Up!’s bumper. Several custom parts had to be made to get it all in there and tune it as JP wanted.

The target power figure was right around 493 horsepower, if the auto-translated subtitles are correct. In a tiny car with a stock curb weight of 2,041 lbs before the swap, that’s completely insane.


Here it is firing up once it’s all been stuffed in, and it’s impossible not to see flames shoot out of the side of this teeny tiny city car and not giggle like a maniac.

Keep stuffing the biggest engines into the tiniest cars you can get your hands on, everybody. The Internet demands it!

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The next challenge is stuffing one of these in the boot.