Of Course The New Alpine Isn't Coming To America

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Look, look at that photo of Renault’s reborn Alpine A110. It is so fast and lightweight and fun! Where could it be driving to? I’ll tell you: away from America.


This should come as little surprise to anyone, but it’s still a bummer: Alpine’s new sports car, unveiled this week at the Geneva Motor Show, will not come to the U.S. after all. Since Renault has a partnership with Nissan, which does in fact sell cars in the U.S.—some of them are even fun—there was speculation that somehow, some way, the Alpine could make it here too.

It’s not. This from Leftlane News:

“At the moment we are not planning on selling the A110 in the U.S.,” company boss Bernard Ollivier told Leftlane on the sidelines of the Geneva Auto Show. “Re-launching the brand is a big project. Right now we’re focusing on markets like Europe and Japan,” he explained.

Europe and Japan! How disappointing. That means we won’t get this reborn legendary sports car or its 252 horsepower turbo four packed into a rear-wheel drive, mid-engine package that weighs just 2,381 pounds.


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William Clavey

It is sad. But then, did we ever get the original one here?