Like its predecessors, the 2015 Subaru WRX is fast like a cheetah, devours corners like a lion and can make all your rally champion dreams come true. Including the parts about crashing. (Update: They appear to be crash test cars.)

Yes, people are already trashing their new WRXs, even though the car just recently went on sale. Does this surprise you at all? Because it shouldn't.

A Jalopnik reader sent us this Charlottesville, Virginia Craigslist post that advertises two great 2015 WRXs now designated as "parts cars." Hopefully their occupants walked away just fine.


I don't know the circumstances behind these crashes, unfortunately. If they were normal cars we could simply assume they met their ends in traffic wrecks. But since they're WRXs, we can go ahead and call them Slid Into A Tree and Rolled Into A Ditch.

I say this with love as a former WRX owner who engaged in plenty of shenanigans — some of which ended rather poorly — but this is clearly proof that Subie drivers don't waste any time.


The engines look alright though. That's a plus.

UPDATE: Though the classified listing does not mention it, as a few of you readers pointed out based on the tape on the sides and the stickers on the headlamps, these appear to be WRXs that were used for crash testing. Here are some photos on the IIHS website. And all in all, they held up pretty well.

So yeah, they are among the first crashed WRXs, but not by the people who owned them. Thanks for the parts cars, IIHS!


Hat tip to Carter!