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Ken Block may be known for the endless madness in his Hoonigan race cars, but his road car is just as worthy. It’s a 1986 Ford RS 200 Evolution—a Group B-era rally homologation special so insane that you have to lift up the entire rear bodywork just to refuel it. It’s perfect and I’m in love with this car.

In order for Ford to enter their RS 200 in the World Rally Championship, they had to make 200 roadgoing versions of the car. Those road cars are known as homologation specials—insane, super-low-volume versions of a car built to tick a box in the rules. Only 24 of those 200 were the most high-powered “Evolution” version.


Block’s 1986 RS 200 Evolution road car comes from the fastest, most dangerous periods in rallying: Group B. 1986 brought the end of the Group B class, so its race car cousin didn’t see as much race time as anyone had hoped.

Ken Block doesn’t even fit in his RS 200 Evolution all that well, but it’s so perfect that he loves it anyway. He even bought it “KLR B” plates, for Pete’s sake, for the Group B cars’ “Killer B” nickname.

The Hoonigans saved the motion shots of the car for a Ford RS-cars promo, and it’s still just too perfect:

This car is just...perfect. It’s perfect. It’s so perfect, I can’t stand it.

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