Ode To The Landmaster

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There's been a lot of heated discussion in the Ten Best Post-Apocalpytic Survival Vehicles post, specifically regarding the exclusion of a certain vehicle. That vehicle is the Landmaster amphibious tank from Damnation Alley. For those not in the know, the film was supposed to be 20th Century Fox's big Sci-Fi hit of 1977. For a variety of reasons, the horribly campy film was sidelined to run their backup Sci-Fi film: Star Wars. While Damnation Alley suffered from poor visual effects and a not-so-great performance from George Peppard, it did feature this awesome vehicle.


What does the Landmaster have going for it other than a rabid fanbase? It's a proven vehicle, having fictionally faced off with gigantic insects and a radioactive fallout. The tri-wheel construction means that you're in good shape in case the Landmaster is damaged. This beast is made out of a variety of truck parts, meaning that it's easy to fix. Technically an articulated vehicle, it turns by bending the midsection as opposed to turning the wheels. It floats. It carries serious armaments. Finally, the truck does actually exist and is currently ongoing a restoration.

In honor of the Oscars, we'll give it a special lifetime zombie fighting award. (Thanks to all who gave passionate arguments on its behalf) [Wikipedia, Landmaster Page]


Talked with the current owner at a car show, he said when it was first built the thing survived a 25 ft. jump in testing with no damage and it rarely broke down during filming. Also said the power brakes and auto trans make it really easy to drive. Compare that to the last Batmobile which, if I remember, had to be towed.