NYC cops gave out fewer traffic tickets after ticket-fixing scandal

Ever since NYPD's infamous ticket-fixing scandal (aka guy-who-knows-a-guy-gate) earlier this year, NY cops have been taking their ticket-issuing down a notch. They've reportedly issued 32% fewer traffic tickets last week compared to the same period a year ago

According to reports, NYPD officers have been threatened with the loss of vacation days if their procedural screwups blew any more moving-violation cases. That's apparently made them more judicious about their handouts. Cops handed out around 11,230 summonses for moving violations, compared to 16,695 for the same week in 2010.


Apparently, public humiliation isn't a bad deterrent for flagrant ticket issuing, though it does wreck New Yorkers' favorite pastime: saying they "know a guy," and then winking knowingly.

(Photo: AP)

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