Nutcase Will Attempt The World's Fastest Wheelie On Ice With A 200 HP Kawasaki

Yes, a Guinness World Record for the “fastest motorcycle wheelie on ice” exists. It stands a little over 128 mph, to be exact. And now Cecil “Bubba” Myers is putting screws into the tires on his Kawasaki H2 to try and beat it.

On February 7, Myers and company will be out on Wisconsin’s Lake Koshkonong making it happen. Ryan Suchanek, the original ice-wheelie record setter, is helping with the effort and prepping some fierce looking tires for the run.


Suchanek’s going for a few records of his own: the world’s fastest stoppie and the world’s longest stoppie. That’s like a wheelie, but with the other wheel. (We used to call it an “endo” when I was a kid.) But apparently wheelie-ing is the main event.

“The record is determined by two markers set 100 meters apart,” Myers’ friend explained to me in an e-mail. “At the first the entry speed is recorded and the rider clocked and at the second the exit speed is clocked again bringing the timer to a stop. Guinness then calculates the average and determines the speed.”


They say they’re already screaming ahead of 128 mph in testing, and are confident they’ll be able to make a significantly faster pass on “race day.”


At this point I could say something like “the undertaking is not without risk,” but you probably figured that out on your own. He’s doing a 130+ mph wheelie. On ice.

“The ice isn’t completely smooth,” Myers told the local news site The Laker & The Pioneer. “It has bumps and ridges, divots and everything else. Just one little small imperfection could really put you in a whirlwind of hurt.”


What a character!

I wish Myers the best of luck. You can hit him up on Instagram and Facebook to see how testing’s going, and hopefully he’ll have good news next week.


Images via Cecil Myers, MGNPhoto

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