Nude Thief Steals Ram From Florida Dealership

The man arrived at the dealer in his undies and hung out before stealing the pickup without them

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Florida news outlets are reporting that a naked man stole a Ram pickup truck from a Fiat dealership and lead police on a chase before getting caught.

On December 15th, surveillance video from the Melbourne, FL dealership, show 40-year-old Richard Blose hanging out in his underwear. From Click Orlando:

The Melbourne Police Department said surveillance video showed Blose at the dealership just before 5 a.m. wearing only underwear, walking around the business, getting into another car and sitting on its roof for 30 minutes…


For approximately two hours, Blose wandered the dealership and at one point just sat on the roof of a vehicle for 30 minutes. He also during that time, managed to damage a motorcycle and a pickup truck.

At around 7 a.m., a dealership employee spotted Blose, naked in the paint booth. Blose then got into another truck, and took off, leading authorities on a chase to Cocoa, FL.


Blose was even “blasé” enough to let the owner of the truck know that “Hey a naked man just stole your truck.”

Authorities were able to locate Blose on Interstate 95 who had hit a guardrail before exiting the highway. The 40-year-old was arrested shortly after. He claims he didn’t steal the truck, telling police “Someone in a red shirt told him to take it.”

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Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time Blose has been caught naked . His neighbors say he has a habit of of losing his clothes. Prior to this incident, he was already out on bond for a charge for exposing himself within the last month.


Today, Blose now faces multiple charges, including unoccupied burglary to a structure, unoccupied burglary to a conveyance, and grand theft of a motor vehicle. This isn’t his first go-round with the law either. He’s been locked up 12 times since 2018 and was out on probation when he was arrested for this adventure.