NSU Prinz TT: Keep It Like A Secret

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After mentioning to friends I'm writing up the legendary NSU Prinz TT 1000, the response was a resounding O NOES! After all, why diminish our ownership chances by multiplying the Do Want levels? Because it's the Jalop thing to do.


Disclaimer: NSU autos are no stranger to Jalopnik. We've covered them both here and here. Yet the 1000 TT never received the direct coverage it so deserves.

I was aware of the TT before Audi brought the name back for their modern saucer, but I didn't catch The Sickness until experiencing it firsthand. Corvairish, and small enough to make my former dream project, the BMW 2002, resemble a Roadmaster.

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Even via craptastic photography, there is no denying your charms.

Inline 4, SOHC, 996 cubic centimeters of reliable fury pushing out 40 horsepower (70 horsepower in the 1200 TTS. Let's not discuss torque.) 1,408 eminently tossable pounds. Sexiest Taillights Ever. The elegantly simple trunk prop rod cools the engine while redirecting airflow. Plus, it increases that angry hornet's nest sound buzzing out of the trunk. Mmmm, so savory.

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Seriously, what's not to like?

This little deity was featured at Autobahn Gallery, a small dealership in San Mateo, California, specializing in extremely rare performance cars that will make you chit your chorts. I chatted up the owner, Phil, but honestly all I really asked was "how can I be you?"


But how does it sound you ask? Glorious.

If you want to skip over the pics featuring Euro Baby, skip to 2:16. First to mention the car sounds like farts loses.


Wonder what they sound like flat out around a corner in some race we'll name the TT Cup? Well, have at it. Look at that little green and orange dog hunt:

My love affair with the TT is going on eighteen months, and I've yet to see another. Someday, we'll be together. You sing the high parts and I'll sing the low parts.

The rest of you, keep it like a secret.

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If you think the simplicity of the trunk prop rod is elegant then you must appreciate this.