Now You, Too, Can Own The Cork Car Of Los Angeles

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The Crack Cork Car of Los Angeles is kind of an LA staple, like good tacos and seeing paparazzi hounding some poor Bieber hanger-on. It's for sale now though, so now you, too, can own this automotive oddity.

Although it looks to be made out of a 1980's Toyota Camry, the fine crust of old wine corks adds a certain je ne sais quoi. No, really, I don't know what is going on here, though it does seem like it's covered in a fine mosaic of personal expression. The "why" isn't really important, I suppose, though maybe now the car floats in water.


The Cork Car apparently has its own website, as well, though its "Creation" page is just as big a mystery, offering no clues as to why it exists, with nought but a few pictures and a comment from a person who said they liked it. Just as well, the owner of the site claims that they did not create it, but rather received it as a gift.

What a lovely moment that must've been.

Here's my mom's 1980's Toyota Camry, covered in old corks.

...Thanks, I think.

The site owner goes on to claim that the first thought was to donate the Cork Car, but then they decided to drive it around to bring joy and happiness to the denizens of LA.


Though not anymore, as its now for sale for only $2,500. I guess Saint Joe's didn't really want it.

Thanks Ross for sending it in!