Now You Can Watch Canada's Best Racing Series, Nissan Micra Cup

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Screenshot: NISMO TV on YouTube

It’s been said before, but should be repeated often and loudly, that there needs to be more motorsport involving small, underpowered cars with little to no aerodynamic aids. Canada’s Nissan Micra Cup series fits the bill to a T. These cars are essentially showroom stock buzz boxes with just over 100 horsepower and tiny tires with little grip. Until this weekend, we’ve lamented that the series does not have any kind of video streaming package. Now, thanks to Nissan’s NISMO TV YouTube channel, you can catch the whole season with English commentary.

Round 1 - Saturday from Mosport

Round 2 - Sunday from Mosport

The rest of the season can be seen as it unfolds on the same channel. The remaining calendar is below.


Race 3 & 4 - June 2-3 at Calabogie Motorsport Park

Race 5 & 6 - July 27-29 at Circuit Mont-Tremblant

Race 7 & 8 - August 10-12 at Circuit Trois-Rivières

Race 9 & 10 - August 24-26 at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

Race 11 & 12 - September 21-23 at Circuit Mont-Tremblant

The world needs more racing series with pace cars that are significantly faster than the race cars. With a GT-R pacing a field of Micras, this series has that on lock.

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