Now You Can Rent That Horrible Aviato-Branded Ford Escape From Silicon Valley

Photo credit: Turo

There are two ways you can look down on Silicon Valley’s most insufferable and their “billionaire doors.” One is to roll through in an AMG G65 and literally look down at them. Or even better: you can pretend to be Silicon Valley’s self-centered anti-hero Erlich Bachman by renting the miserable Ford Escape from the show.

AirBNB for ca—wait, no—I can’t finish that description without dry heaving. “Rent anybody’s car” startup Turo put the obnoxiously branded 2006 Ford Escape up for rent on the service for $49 a day in the San Francisco area.

Unfortunately, it lacks the dent left in the front end from after Richard hit Stanford Robotics’ Bam-bot. Given the much-hooned lives of rental cars, I’m sure someone will fix that in no time.


Not only is it in better shape than the show car, but it promises to be better smelling, too. The ad insists that you don’t smoke in the car—even if it’s Erlich’s favorite sticky icky substance. Hotbox the car and you’re in for a $250 fine.

[H/T TechCrunch via NotUnlessRoundIsFunny!]

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