I always cheered when I, um, appropriated a Banshee sports car in the Grand Theft Auto games. Nothing gets you to your next heist faster! West Coast Customs liked it so much they made a real one, and now it can be yours too.

As our colleagues at Kotaku reported last year, West Coast Customs built this very stylish blue and white GTA V Banshee based on a 2006 Dodge Viper SRT-10. It was given away in contest by video game retailer GameStop.


Now that seller has put the car up on eBay, and it can be yours for the not-so-low, low price of $170,000.

But I'm sort of inclined to call Nice Price on this one. It's not cheap, and considerably more expensive than your average used 2006 Viper, but it is an extremely well done one-of-a-kind build by West Coast Customs. The car has been modified inside and out to look like the sports car from the game, and you still get the luscious 8.3-liter V10 engine under the hood.


It should be perfect for cruising around Los Santos or as a getaway car in your next string of violent armed felonies. The auction ends June 5, so if it's up your alley, move fast.