Now You Can Order Your Uber Driver To Stream Your Terrible Music

Photo Credit: Uber (that’s the nice people listening to music), AP Photo (that’s Christopher Cross)

This Uber is going to listen to Christopher Cross and it’s going to like it.

Uber now is partnering with Pandora and Spotify so that you can Ride Like The Wind in whatever Toyota Corolla-turned ride-hailing cab is driving you around. Here’s how it works, as Uber itself explains:

Here’s how it works:

  • Once you’re matched with a driver who has connected music, you’ll see the music bar at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap the bar to sign up or log into an existing Pandora or Spotify Premium account.
  • If you use Spotify Premium, the music will pick up from where you last left off. If your driver is using Pandora, you can preview what station and song is being played.
  • Choose a song, station, or playlist. Music will start when your trip begins.
  • Want to skip the song, or change the station? You can do so right from the Uber app.

Sounds great!

But what this means practically is that a bunch of drunk kids are going to command their Uber drivers to play their horrible and worst music. Haven’t they suffered enough? Aren’t the speakers in their Toyota Highlander sufficiently blown out as it is?

Apparently they do. Thanks, Uber.

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