Now You Can Have Your Own Bluesmobile!

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This exact replica of the car from "The Blues Brothers" has served its purpose well, touring with "the top Jake and Elwood Blues impersonators in the country" for 15 years, and now it's time for Steve "Jake" Ronken and Bob "Elwood" Masewicz to move on. A $19,500 starting bid for what's essentially a '74 Dodge Monaco with Mount Prospect PD emblems on the doors and a big PA speaker on the roof seems a bit steep, does it? You gotta consider the car's history before you scoff at the price- this fine automobile has seen NASCAR tracks and shopping-mall openings alike, in every state in the continental US! And if you're willing to fork over an extra $7500, "Jake" and "Elwood" will deliver it to you in person! [eBay Motors]


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This post will generate all of the great one liners used in that movie. But yea, the price is a bit steep for the type of car it is, and to have them deliver it as the Blues Brothers, it will cost an extra $7,500!