Now You Can Get Jaguar's Most Exuberant Car Without The Vulgar Wing

Image: Jaguar

Jaguar has a mad group of talented folks in its specialty vehicle operations department. They’re the ones responsible for the XE SV Project 8, a manic high-power muscle sedan that shares almost no components with the XE sedan it is ostensibly based upon. With huge flared arches, lots of carbon fibre, and a mega 592-horsepower engine under the bonnet, it’s a right proper super saloon. Now you can get one that doesn’t shout quite as loudly about what it is.


When you remove the big wing from the boot lid and the giant jumping Jaguar decals from the sides, it’s only slightly more difficult to tell that this big beast is more than a regular XE. For one thing, the bodywork is still stretched and pulled to cover the massive wheels and tires, and the front and rear fascias belie the monster that lies behind them.

But, where the Project 8 looks a bit chav, this new “Project 8 Touring” version drops the race car pretension for a more refined look at hooliganism. It’s still got all the power and grip to rip out great lap times, but it replaces the big wing with a small fixed lip spoiler, and drops the graphics package. You won’t look out of place at your next social gathering, but you can still unwind on your favorite race track on the way home.


Sadly, Jaguar will limit production of this phenomenal sedan to just 15 units, so we can’t all have what we want. 

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