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The 2017 Ford Escape will melt ice off its windshield wipers in ten minutes at as low as -17ºF, and you can tell it to do that using your smartphone.


The new Escape SUVs will hit US dealerships very soon, and Ford thought you might want to prepare for the next harsh winter by opting for the Titanium models or thick the box on the SE, for which they will give you the Cold Weather Package with windshield wiper de-icing.


What’s cool about it is that you can use SYNC Connect to activate the system from wherever you are, which will take care of those blades in less than ten minutes using a local heating element built into the glass.

This feature—which the Canadians had already—will migrate to other vehicles in Ford’s American lineup. Clever.

But when can I fry eggs on my sunroof? I like camping.


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