Now You Can Buy Walter White's Very Own Pontiac Aztek

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Breaking Bad and Walter White made the Pontiac Aztek the official car of discerning meth cooks all over the American southwest. Now the car that started the trend is up for sale and can be yours for the taking, bitch (That's what Jesse Pinkman says to people!).

A number of props from Breaking Bad are now up for auction as the series comes to a certainly meth-addled, violent, flashback-filled end. One of those props is Walter's Aztek.

The opening bid for this Aztek is $1,000, which sounds like a deal, but then you read the description of the car and realize that hey, this isn't that great of a deal because this is Aztek number three.


And Aztek number three is the Aztek that was crashed. So the car is being sold in non-driving condition. It'll take work to get it running and back on the road. A lot of work. Is it worth it?


(Thanks for the tips everyone!)

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i just started watching the show on netflix. The Pilot was great but really slow. im only on episode 5...please tell me it gets better. Right now im forcing myself to watch

My fav BB car