Now You Can Buy A BMW i3 On Amazon In Japan

Amazon has its hands in everything, and now it's getting into the car shopping business in partnership with BMW, selling the i3 EV in Japan.

Sales of the i3 started today, with both the plain-Jane electric and range-extending models available on


"We have 46 dealers (which sell the electric model) in Japan, but we hope this e-selling will cover the entire market more thoroughly," a BMW spokesman told the AFP. "This will widen the sales channel and improve convenience for customers."

No, there is no Buy It Now option. Instead, after you add the i3 to your cart, a BMW dealer will call the buyer to set up the sale and also confirm that they have a parking space and a place to charge the i3. There's no word on whether BMW is considering Amazon's new instant-gratification button, but we mocked it up anyway.

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