Screencap via Instagram

After almost forgetting about the season finale of The Grand Tour last night, I yet again slipped into the altered state of life where there’s no new episodes of old-Top Gear content or new-Top Gear content and my mind wanders, at times dangerously, adrift. And then Chris Harris was spotted in a Bugatti Chiron.

It’s not much, but it’s enough to get me really curious about the next season of the revamped Top Gear—this time revamped again without Chris Evans.



It’s Chris Harris, arguably the best part of the new series, in the Bugatti Chiron, of which we’ve seen very little high-production-value cinema porn of, in Dubai, where they let fast celebrities in fast cars do whatever they want.

Advertisement also teased Harris in a Ferrari FXX K and a little 20 second snippet of the new season, which only promises that it’s “coming soon.”

Via CarScoops