Now That's A Junk Shot

Illustration for article titled Now Thats A Junk Shot

Someone tried their own brand of junk shot on the sign at the SoHo BP service station at the corner of Houston and LaFayette in New York. (Photo Credit: Martin Grossinger, Jalopnik Intern)

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Let he who is without a car cast the first junk shot.

If you ever drive, don't bitch. If you ever shopped around for the lowest price per gallon, suck it up. You're part of the cause.

Whatever you do, don't go flinging mud at anyone before you've slathered a little on yourself.

I don't bitch about BP doing a lousy job of patching the hole. I might poke fun, but I make myself the butt of the joke just as much. People want cheap gas, BP contracted with companies to go get it, and it's a risky job.

Sometimes, the hammer comes down on a loaded chamber. When that happens, there's a lot of bleeding.