Now That Fiat Has Chrysler, A Name Change Is In Order

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Remember DaimlerChrysler? Of course you do. It was one of the most unimaginatively named companies, right up there with PSA Peugeot Citroen. And as history shows, it probably should've just been called Daimler. Fiat's roughly five-year relationship with Chrysler, though, has been different.

Now that Fiat has all of Chrysler, the speculation is on as to how this is going to affect the marriage. Personally, I'm concerned with the name. They could just call it a day with Fiat-Chrysler, but I think we're all in agreement it should be more creative than that. Especially if this is totally unlike the Daimler days.


Some of you are also concerned and gave your suggestions, if anyone from Fiat is listening:







I vote for Fiachler as a name; it sounds terrible.


I nominate "Chryst". Surefire way to boost sales all across the American south.



Because it has "fry" in it and America loves its fries.

Looking at your direct deposit and seeing Frysler might make you think you've taken a fast food job.

Honorary COTD to TxBrumski


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Congratulations, Mr. Slave2anMG, Mr. D-Dubya, Mr. IMissTheOldInternet, Mr. cazzyodo and Mr. TxBrumski on COTD today! I have for each of you a Peugeot which this lovely lady will deliver as soon as she's finished with the hood.