Now Is Your Chance To Get A Look At The First Batch Of GM Documents

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The federal government ordered General Motors to turn over thousands of documents last month, in the hopes that they'd shed light over what happened in the lead up to its massive ignition switch recall. Here's the first batch, consisting of over 600 pages.

The documents include internal emails, memos, and diagrams. They're pretty revelatory, and provide fairly damning evidence that GM engineers knew that there was something seriously wrong with their small cars like the Chevrolet Cobalt. The documents also contain notes from parts supplier Delphi Automotive, which indicates that they knew there was a serious problem with the ignition switches, as well.


Already some heads have rolled over at GM, but they'll probably be the first of many. Gary Altman and Ray DeGiorgio, the two suspended engineers, both make appearances here.

We're still going through them to find the best bits, but in the meantime, here's 621 pages to chow down on.


At the same time, it might be a safe bet we'll finish our investigation before Mary Barra does.

Remember, this is just the first tranche of documents released. Over 200,000 pages were turned over to federal investigators. We've put them below for your perusal, but they're available in 64 different sections on the House of Representatives Energy & Commerce Committee website.


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