Now Is The Time To Get A Stupid Cheap Deal On A 2014 Focus ST

So the Focus ST might not be the best car to take to the track, but that doesn't mean it isn't a killer hoon machine for everyday driving. With the upgraded 2015 ST about to hit the lots, dealers are slashing prices on the previous generation. That is good news for you.


Even if you ignore the "loyalty offer" and the "college grad offer" that you may or may not qualify for, you are still looking at almost 20% off some all-American hot-hatch goodness. And that red ST is not just some random anomaly. A quick search reveals numerous STs across the country all under the $21,000 mark.

Now that VW has raised the price on the 2015 GTI, a 2014 Focus ST with a steep discount could be a mighty tempting proposition. Of course just make sure you get all prices in writing with an out-the-door cost before heading down to the dealership.


(H/T to Gamecat235)

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