Nothing of Value Lost as Bud Light Truck Overturns on Kentucky Highway

The spill bottled-necked traffic during the morning rush hour.

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Screenshot: WLKY

It was a cold one on Wednesday morning when a truck carrying Bud Light overturned on an onramp between interstates 265 and 71 southbound outside of Louisville, Kentucky.

It’s unclear why the truck went bottoms-up. Perhaps the beer wasn’t stacked correctly, leading to a tipsy trailer. The thousands of cans were totally wasted after spilling on to the freeway and median, WLKY reported. Police hopped right to it and decided it was closing time on the ramp, shutting down traffic for most of the morning. After a a few crime-scene pitchers, the clean up began.

While most suds consumers shrugged off the spill, fans of the beer were blue, recounting how a frosty Bud reminded them of that one time in their wild youths when they made love in a canoe.


The crash certainly raises the bar for truck spills this year. While no injuries were reported, and the unnamed stout driver got out of his cab on his own, we have to imagine the driver of the truck was canned. Hopefully, he isn’t bitter about it and is currently living the heady High Life during what will surely prove a short employment dry spell. All he needs to do is add this accident to his resume and make sure it’s plastered all over the internet and then some trucking company will draft him. He certainly made it out of this crash much weiser than before.