Noted LeMons Loon Speedycop Is Building A Twin-V8 Lincoln

Whatever point you're trying to make, Speedycop, you've made it. A track-worthy airplane, an upside-down Camaro, silly wordplay realized to the maximum degree possible — we get it. You like building insane LeMons cars. Well, we love it too, and that's why it's nice to see his new project, a 16 cylinder Continental.


Those 16 cylinders will be spread between the front and rear of the car, in a pair of Lincoln V8s. Two old Continentals are being merged for the project, and the end result will be an AWD, likely barely-controllable nightmare of faded country-club class.

Twin-engined cars have shown up at LeMons a number of times before, but I think this will be the first twin-V8 to show up. I could be wrong, but I think all previous twin-engined cars have been pairs of transverse I4s.

The theme for the car is going to be, appropriately, Christopher Walken's series of SNL sketches known as the Continental, so expect lots of smoking jackets, bad Walken impressions, and trays of questionable hors d'ovures at the race.

It's still pretty in the build process here, but we'll keep you updated as things either progress, or get so insane that we have to issue warnings for people to avoid contact with a pack of stilted-talking madmen in 16 cylinders of Lincoln.

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