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Note To BMW: New M3 ALMS Racer Looks Hot On Track Without Flame-Surfacing

We first saw the new BMW M3 racer earlier this year at its Chicago Auto Show reveal. Now, after a year of development, the finished product has taken to the track for a test run as it's readied to do battle in the ALMS GT2 class against the likes of the Porsche 911 and Ferrari F430.


Although we know function is more important than form on a racing car, but if the latter is any indication of the former, BMW will have a real winner with the new M3. Of course, a 485 HP 4.0-liter V8 powering a 2535 lb car will more than likely help as well. We mean, can someone please tell BMW to forget that whole "flame-surfacing" thing and just put widebody kits on all their street cars? [BMW]

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Frank Grimes

they need to bring back the lightweight version. fender stripe and all.