Not Your Grandpa's Cars: Volvo S60, V60 And XC60 R-Design

Ok, so the US won't get the wagon (just yet). You can wait until you do, or go for the S60 or the XC60 R-Design with the T6 turbo with 329 horsepower and 328 foot-pounds of torque. R-Design Volvos are good looking cars.

Compared to the standard editions, all three cars feature a frameless matte black grille with high-gloss black stripes and LEDs in the headlamps, naturally. The fatter front wheel arches hide new 19-inch wheels on the S60/V60 and 20-inch ones on the XC60. At the rear, you get a diffuser and two chrome tailpipes.

Since this is a design package, you can order it with a D2 diesel engine as well, but if you aim for a fast Volvo instead of a fast looking one, the T6 is the way to go with the sport chassis and the Polestar option that boosts power by 25 hp to 329. That also lowers the suspension by 0.59 inch and has 15% stiffer springs. With monotube dampers at the rear and stiffer bushings, the R-Design cars aim for a sporty but still forgiving ride. The S60 T6 will do 62 mph in 5.9 seconds with the automatic in sport mode, while the XC60 is one second slower.

On the inside, you get perforated black leather with contrasting stitching, a stainless steel trim and "R" logos everywhere. Also, lots of safety equipment.


Volvo says 50% of the R-Design models will be snapped up by buyers who drive other car makes today, while these cars also play a vital role in lowering the age of their customer base. Grandpa's car no more.


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