Not only are manual transmissions awesome, they're a theft deterrent

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Although we know you didn't need another reason to continue seeking out the dwindling supply of cars with manual transmissions, we're giving you one anyways. A Florida man and woman still have their car because a pair of carjackers didn't know how to drive a stick.


Two armed men appeared at the window of a couple's car in St. Petersburg, Fl early Friday morning. After ordering the 45 year old man and his 23 year old girlfriend out of their 2007 Nissan at gunpoint, the two carjackers hopped in the car and found something they didn't expect—a stick shift.

According to the victims the two men gave up on stealing the car and fled the scene of the crime on foot. We sincerely hope these thieves are caught before they have the chance hurt anyone or figure out how to operate a standard transmission


Hat tip to bigkersh!
Photo Credit:Jordan and Lee

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Jesus christ america, for the 100th time, a car with a manual transmission is not a stick. You cannot drive a stick. Even automatic cars have a gear stick. You sound retarded.

The fact that the majority of America cannot drive a manual still baffles and disturbs me.