Not Even This Insane Truck Cartwheel Can Stop A Stadium Super Truck

GIF via Dan Arnets

If there’s one clip that shows why Stadium Super Trucks are the greatest, please consider this epic roll from Lake Elsinore this weekend. Or, you know, how the truck just lands on its wheels and keeps going.

(Skip to about 10:40.)

Stadium Super Trucks went Lake Elsinore this weekend to race on the dirt, and the last lap of Race 2 was particularly insane. Apdaly Lopez’s No. 19 truck did a full-on, nose-over-end cartwheel, but somehow landed on his wheels.


Did Lopez just give up and stop because his truck just went into spin cycle? Did the truck crumble underneath its own belly flop?

Of course not!

This is Stadium Super Trucks, where you just roll back onto the throttle and keep going like it’s no big deal. He doesn’t even seem to waste any time with it, either. As soon as the rear wheels are back on the ground, he’s rolling forwards.

That’s why we love Stadium Super Trucks that much. These trucks take a ridiculous beating, bounce into each other and wreck, but usually keep going somehow.

I will never be unamused with the seemingly physics-defying stunts that Stadium Super Trucks are able to do. Honestly, this should be the video I watch first thing every morning so I can somersault into the day like it’s no big deal.

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