Not Even Snow Can Stop You People From Buying Cars

This winter officially sucked, and everyone ended up getting dumped with more snow than should be physically possible. But somehow that didn't manage to stop the inevitable churning onslaught that is the American economy, as pretty much every automaker saw sales increases in February.


Well, every automaker except Ford, that is, which saw a 1.9 percent decline in sales, but that's actually attributable to Ford not being able to build F-150s quick enough to meet demand, according to the AP. But the rest of the field isn't hurting too bad:

General Motors' sales rose 4.2 percent over last February, while Chrysler's sales were up 5.6 percent. Nissan's sales were up 2.7 percent.


Falling unemployment, low interest rates and new versions of big sellers like the Jeep Cherokee - which saw sales jump 19 percent in February -drove buyers to dealerships in many cities. The forecasting firm LMC Automotive pushed up its 2015 forecast by 40,000 vehicles, based on strong demand. The firm is expecting U.S. sales to top 17 million this year for the first time since 2001.

Sales weren't quite as good as prediected, however, but I heard there was a lot of snow. So there's that.

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