Behold The Straight Outta Compton NASCAR Race Car

In celebration of that dude finally getting the “smoke weed every day” line right from The Next Episode, or perhaps an NWA biopic coming to theaters (maybe the latter I’m not sure), driver Tomy Drissi will be running a Straight Outta Compton livery on his NASCAR Xfinity series car.


Drissi is an ad executive in Hollywood, so most of his cars have sported some kind of movie-related tie-in. This livery is set to appear at Watkins Glen and Mid-Ohio.

NASCAR may be associated more with country music, but this livery really isn’t as out of place as it might seem. 50 Cent once confessed his appreciation for NASCAR to ESPN, and even partnered with Swan Racing when he was trying to promote SMS Audio’s very own Beats-by-Dre-style cheeseball headphones. Autoweek also mentions that Dale Earnhardt Jr. shared an ESPN The Magazine cover with J. Cole, and that DJ Funkmaster Flex is a huge fan of the series.


Plus, if there’s one thing with a decent bass line, it’s a NASCAR V8.


So, sit back, crank up the beats and enjoy this oh-so-rare sighting of a NASCAR With Attitude.

[H/T Reddit]

Photo credits: Imgur

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