Not Even a Baby Being Born in the Back of His Car Can Faze This Ridehail Driver

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Until today, I didn’t think it was possible for an Uber driver to begin a trip by picking up two passengers and drop off three. But a video making its way around social media of a woman giving birth in the back of what appears to be an Uber or Lyft as the couple makes its way across Brooklyn to the hospital has proven otherwise.

And yes, this is a video of an actual childbirth inside a car. If you’re squeamish, then maybe you just don’t enjoy the MIRACLE OF LIFE, so just don’t watch or whatever:

WARNING: We weren’t kidding. This is a video of actual childbirth.

With the kind of poise required of those who make a living driving professionally in the City of New York, the driver manages to keep the car moving along what appears to be Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn as the heroic parents in the backseat prepare for all that needs to happen when “it’s time.” He even manages to keep everyone collected as the passengers’ baby daughter joins them in the back seat.


And huge, huge props to the parents – especially the mother – who keep it wildly cool in the literal seconds after they have a baby. After I had a kid I’d probably be melting in some fashion. A baby! Born! In the back seat! Of a car!

In fact, while the driver reasonably keeps it together, he’s probably the one freaking out the most, though good on him for helping how he can, giving advice about cleaning things up and getting to the hospital and whatnot.


The best part though, has to be the exchange between the driver and the proud new dad when all is said and done.

“You better hook me up with a little extra for the car wash, man,” the driver tells the new parents.


“Man, I didn’t think this shit was gonna happen!” the proud new dad says.

“I told you that shit was too far!” the driver responds.

I’m not familiar with the exact policies Uber and Lyft have written up for the possibility of mid-ride natural birth (though they’ve had a chance to think about it since the first mid-ride delivery). As far as I’m concerned though, this driver gets five stars for making sure this new mother and daughter got to the hospital safe and sound, even if they didn’t make it there on time.


“Damn, natural birth in a car,” the driver says.

Hell yeah man. Natural birth in a car.