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Not Even 10,000 Pounds Of Explosive Charges Can Sink The Navy’s New Littoral Combat Ship

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Our country’s new Littoral Combat Ship has had a somewhat troubled genesis, with open questions about its utility and cost. What I want to know is if it will sink if you detonate a couple thousand pounds of explosives next to it.

Yep, the Navy has put the LCS through shock trials, big enough to bring nearby Floridians to wonder if there was an earthquake. Much like it does with every ship before it sends it out around the world. And if you’re on the inside of a ship going through shock trials, it can get a little rough.

Judging by the size of the plume rising beside the Independence-class USS Jackson in this recently-released video of July’s test, it looks like the Navy detonated something up to a good 10,000 pounds worth of charges, as Popular Mechanics notes.


Yep, the big boom kapow couldn’t kerplunk the fancy new Navy ship. All is good. Totally.