Not Deckchair, Dekochari!

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We were talking to Antonio tonight; he wanted advice on buying a cheap van he could tow a Toyota with. We suggested a Chevrolet, as parts are cheap and plentiful. We then suggested he do it up dekotora style. Imagine a cross between a Japanese custom van and a '70s sin bin. How can you lose? So, as Los Jalops are wont to, we then got to obsessing and ran across Japan's dekochari subculture. Dekochari are sort of like Chicano lowrider bikes. Only much, much weirder.

Pimp My Bike [Planeta Rosa]

BJ and the Kuma-chan: Japanese Dekotora-Truck Movie Intro [Internal]

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Canter... hehe...

That is soooo strange, and one more reason I really want to be Japanese