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The American side of the German-American hybrid must be looking for the new Durango Aspen and Avenger Sebring to lift the Chrysler Group out of the summer doldrums, because at the price point they're dropping the two newest additions to the family, we feel like they're trying to make sure they won't need to cut production numbers. The Aspen, a full-size premium SUV, will have a starting price of...

...$31,490 and the new-for-2007 Chrysler Sebring will retail at a base price of $18,995. For the Sebring that represents a 6% drop in price from the current model.

There's no doubt the Sebring (despite that nasty-ass Crossfire-ish hood) will sell well — given numbers the past few years and especially at that price point (right in between the Accord and Camry). But the Aspen? Is there really anyone out there, especially Durango-weary dealers, who need a new big SUV? And with Tom LaSorda's comments last week on big SUV sales and the need to cut production, wethinks maybe we'll be watching those sales numbers through the end of the year and see how they're selling come the spring.


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