Norway Says Russian MiG-31 Flew Dangerously During Su-34 Intercept

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Norway is saying that Russia is flying aggressively during intercepts and posted the video below in an attempt to prove it. The Norwegian F-16 approached the Russian Su-34 Fullback, the first time one was intercepted by Norway, and its MiG-31 Foxhound escort. Norway says the MiG made a sudden and aggressive maneuver, which resulted in the Norwegian F-16 peeling away to avoid a collision.


This Heads Up Display tape really does not show the MiG-31 doing any abrupt manuevering, although we only see the big jet for a moment. Aside from a large rudder input resulting in a yaw towards the approaching F-16, it seems like the MiG was just flying straight as it was not seen rolling in any direction. Maybe the Norwegian Viper pilot lost situational awareness for a moment and abruptly rolled off because he was approaching the Russian flight at too great of a speed.

Regardless of who did what up there, these intercepts are not without risk, and it is dangerous to think that they are just becoming 'business as usual' due to their increased frequency.

A big thanks to T. Soderlund for giving me the heads up on this!

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