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NOOOOOOOO! Someone Just Crashed A Ferrari Enzo In Connecticut

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A Ferrari Enzo had a bit of a spin and smashed into the divider on Interstate-95 in Connecticut this morning, thus ruining your commute. But hey, at least you get to stare at a smashed-up Enzo.

It's not exactly clear what happened here yet, but the tipster who sent us this photo said that there were skid marks cutting across the highway from the onramp. Expect to hear an inevitable "I have no idea what happened," from the driver, and a "the driver was clearly traveling at an excessive rate of speed and lost control of the vehicle" from the cops.


Just remember, if you have an Enzo, and you use it as your daily driver, that it still has over 600 horsepower. Those things can be a bit tricky if your only other car is a Geo Prizm, and you're used to flooring it to maintain speed with traffic flow.

And always remember: SAVE THE ENZOS!


UPDATE: Reader Kyle passed the crashed Enzo as well, going Northbound near exit 7 on I-95, and he said that it appeared that there was damage to the passenger side quarter panel/engine compartment. Poor Enzo.