Nobody Knows Why Bruce Willis Is Building Such A Big Airport In Idaho

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If you were wealthy, like Moonlighting residuals and Fifth Element merchandising-revenue wealthy, wouldn’t you want to build your own airport? Of course you would. Well, Bruce Willis is precisely that level of wealthy, and he’s building an airport in the middle of Idaho. But it’s also going to be a lot bigger and busier than most people originally thought.

The airport is to be called Soldier Field Airport, and it’s being built about ten miles east of Fairfield, Idaho, a thriving megalopolis of 416 people. Though sometimes referred to as an airstrip, the scale of the runway suggests something closer to an actual airport: The runway is 8,500 feet long and 100 feet wide. That’s big enough to accommodate most commercial airliners.

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The runway will be concrete, and the airport is expected to house at least 20 aircraft and have about 500 landings of various types of planes every month, according to documents filed with the FAA.

That’s a lot of air traffic for the middle of Idaho.

It’s not exactly clear what Willis is planning on doing with the airport, though there is speculation that it will become a public airport at some point. For some reason.

There are some zoning issues to be worked out, since part of the runway will be in an AG-5 zone, which is agricultural. A number of local residents are opposed to the airport being built in the area. Other parts of the land are zoned AG-80, which did allow for airstrips to be built, at least until May 2017, when they were declared illegal, though that decision was changed back in November 2017.

Ugh, zoning, am I right?

Look, if anyone is really worried, don’t be. After all, Bruce Willis was the man that gave the world Bruno:

See? That should ease everyone’s concerns. Clearly the man knows what he’s doing.

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Ah, I know why!
I’m an airline pilot and I am also one of the few captains qualified to fly into the Hailey aka Ketchum aka Sun Valley airport. We routinely fly a lot of rich assholes up there. However because of the specific challenges of flying into a box canyon, the minimums for approaches can be quite high leading to a lot of either cancelled flights or diverts to Twin Falls, or sometimes we just fly straight to Twin Falls and bus them to Sun Valley. Let me tell you, rich assholes do not like taking the bus. Sometimes they have to take the bus to Twin to get anywhere when they leave too. Can you imagine some Los Angeleno up for the weekend because Sundance is sooo over it and can you believe we had to take a bus! The indignity!

Anyway, this airport is out on the flat plains like Twin but closer and now all the rich peoples can fly in no problems.

(btw not to call all rich people assholes, but just generalizing what the flight attendants tell me what they are like)