Noble M600

British sports car manufacturer Noble has been delighting the auto-loving parts of our brain with its lightweight and delightfully powerful supercars since 1999, and they've just revealed an image — albeit camouflaged like a Ted Nugent-owned Lamborghini — of their next offering, the Noble M600. The M600 is expected to sport a twin turbocharged V8 designed by Yamaha and built by Volvo. Wait, what? Yes, you read that correctly, Yamaha is back in the automotive game and if the original Taurus SHO mill was any indication, and given the order of magnitude increase in price here, that new engine will probably be a masterpiece.

The V8 engine will apparently be mated to a six-speed manual transmission and covered by an all-carbon fiber body. Production targets are in the fifty-cars-a-year range and there are some big promises being made by managing director Peter Boutwood. Will they manage to deliver on those boasts? Unknown, but we're surely rooting for them. [Pistonheads via WCF]


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