Noble M15 to Get Twin-Turbo V8

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The vehicular pride of Lee Noble is getting an infusion of artificially aspirated gumption. We're talking about the new Noble M15, which the car's Italian import shop UK Garage says will soon have up to 650 horsepower on tap. That by way of a 4.4-liter Volvo V8 fitted with twin turbines. That, they say, will be good for zero-to-60 times in the three-second range. But word is only 50 cars will be accessorized such, which includes a lightweight but more rigid carbon-fiber and aluminum undercarriage. UK buyers can expect to back up the local version of the Brinks truck, and remove £185,000 for the privilege. []


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@ Karmavore -

the M12 has been in production for a while. Since the company is small enough to provide biographies of all its craftsmen on its web site, you can imagine that it would indeed take a number of years to develop a new model. For one thing, they've improved body stiffness by 30% and perfected the weight distribution. This is noteworthy because that 4.4L V8 will only fit longitudinally, so they had to stretch the body - the M12's 3.6L V6 is mounted transversally.


@ Al Beaton -

I'm not sure where the GBP 185,000 figure came from, I suspect it's wrong.

The [] article says the price tag will be "approx. EUR 150,000" = GBP 105,000 = USD 220,000 but that may well include 16.67% sales tax in Italy. Noble's Italian distributor UK Garage even gives a price tag of "just" EUR 120,000 = GBP 84,000 for the left-hand drive M15 if you pre-order one.

Whatever the actual price tag, that kind of markup for almost 300 additional horses under the bonnet doesn't sound all that outlandish in the supercar realm.