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No, You're Right, I Shouldn't Be So Hard On Ford

Illustration for article titled No, Youre Right, I Shouldnt Be So Hard On Ford

I've heard a lot of commenters bitchin', moanin' and complainin' about the Ford Explorer today. You're right, I should go easy on Ford. At least FoMoCo did it on their own without U.S. government loans. Well, mostly anyway. [via NickBunkley]


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Now I'm waiting for the "Nissan Hybrids: Built with your tax dollars" shirt. Or how about "Elon Musk: Douchier with your tax dollars." Both recieved tax money from our goverment to produce hybrids and electric vehicles. Who else got some? Ford. In this day and age it is nearly impossible to build a truly global company without any aid from a government. They were in talks for government cash until the very end of the negotiations and then bailed on GM and Chysler, letting them take the heat and getting a PR bump as a result. Shrewd move. Plus, these were loans, not cash. And GM, at least, is paying them back. I have student loans from the government, so maybe I should wear a shirt that says "My Education: Drowned in beer with your tax dollars"