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Oh Lord. It just got worse. We just received a sob-story from a poor sap who wanted to get in contact with Leno a mere few hours after posting yet another reminder that we didn't know him. And while we feel sorry for this fellow's dire straits, we also think he's slightly wonky and has little clue as to the definition of "RTFM." He also assumes that Leno already has a Ford Probe in his collection, and has problems spelling "vehicle." Read on and get depressed.

Dear Mr Leno, I love your new section on cars and espically the section on fire trucks. I was a voluteer for 28yrs., but no longer fight fires. I have a 1989 Ford Probe, sitting in my garage, it does run. I had some fincial problems and things have been tough for my wife and myself latley. The vehicle has had aa rebuilt engine, and the every day to day repairs required to run a car, as you would know. The body is in good shape, some minor rust.

I miss my (ghost) this what I call it because its black. I live in Mckessport, Pennsylvania and I wanted to know if you or your staff would be instered in purchasing this vechile? I could use the cash to purchase another vechile or pay some debts off. I have a van, but its the only car, and my wife is stuck in the house when I go to work on the 3 to 11 shift.

I know its not wourth musch and I just wanted to ask if you wanted it for your collection, but you probably have one. I can't afford a new car and right now not even a used car. Please don't take this as a sad story, but If you have a vechile that has been restord and no longer want it or need Iwe sure can use one. Thanks for listening.
Name Redacted Because Well, We're Not Quite That Cruel

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