No One Was Hurt When This Cadillac CTS Was Cut In Half

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A five-car pileup in Detroit Sunday cut a Cadillac CTS in two. Miraculously, no humans were seriously hurt; just the car. Its back seat and trunk were torn from the rest of the vehicle when it was hit by two cars traveling in opposite directions.


A witness said that the driver of the CTS was going too fast, and was hit by the other cars when she entered the intersection at Ryan and 12 Mile Roads. The drivers of those two cars then lost control and hit two other vehicles. The bystander said he saw on of the crash victims taken away by emergency responders for lacerations and a smashed knee. (Hat tip to Donald!)

Photo credit: Clickon Detroit

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And that, kids, is why US cars are so cheap. You get what you pay for. That wreck looks like a cut-and-shut, the car's so badly built. Glad to hear no-one was seriously injured, because that's one scary pile of wreckage.